April 2024

Visiting Ubuntu Clinique

See updates as the Canadian team is in Burundi! ↓


A new glasses kit!

Video: Janet and Rob explain the glasses kit, as they pack bags to go to Ubuntu
Video transcript
Today we're packing glasses
and we're heading to Burundi on Friday.
So, we're looking forward to see
the work of the Clinique as it continues to grow.
I'm really looking forward to it.
We have 250 glasses for adults,
250 for kids, and 300 reader glasses.
Ubuntu Clinique doesn't currently have eye care and vision testing.
So this is a great opportunity to help the community,
the kids, and the adults,
to have their eyes tested.
And, at the cost of about $5
to have a pair of glasses.
Each color represents a particular lens,
and a particular strength of lens.
So here we have yellow and it's “3R”
and “3L” for the right and left lenses.
So they test the eyes and then they pick
from which lens they have, and they pop them in the glasses,
and voila: people have glasses and can see.
One of the things that Jackson is also
managing is a school for 500 children.
And so the hope is that the children who have
vision problems will be able to see and become educated.
[This is] one of the three pillars for people to develop and grow:
health care, education, and food.
Yeah, these bags aren’t going to be that heavy...
See you soon, Jackson, and Ubuntu Clinique!

The Canadian team is excited to be visiting Ubuntu this month!

Janet and Rob are headed to Burundi this week to visit Ubuntu and Jackson. They look forward to seeing all of the updates of the team, the facilities, and the positive impact the Clinique is having for the community.

We are also excited about a eyeglasses kit which the team is bringing. Ubuntu doesn't currently offer eye testing, and this could be a big improvement for the community.

The glasses kit has been put together by Global Vision 2020, which works with partners to provide prescription eyeglasses in developing countries.

The in-the-field testing kit will allow the Ubuntu team to test a person's vision, select appropriate lenses, assemble glasses and frames, and send them home with new glasses. For people 12 and over it takes about 20 minutes.

And, each pair of glasses only costs about $5.00 USD.

We are excited to see how this trial program runs, with 800 pairs of glasses for children and adults. This could be a new service area for Ubuntu to offer to the community.

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