December 2021

Ubuntu 2021 update

Welcome everyone!

As we are all excited to hear from Jackson and Aceline and their work with Ubuntu Clinique this past year, we were conscious of the potential unpredictable interruptions of internet connections in rural Burundi.

So, in the event that we might lose contact with Jackson today, we prerecorded some interviews, which we are excited to share with you.

photo of Jackson and Aceline at Ubuntu

Part 1 - Introducing Aceline

This year, we wanted to bring focus to the work of Jackson's wife, Aceline, as she's taken on more and more responsibilities at the Clinique.

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Part 2 - General Supervisor

Could Aceline tell us about becoming the general supervisor of Ubuntu Clinique?

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Part 3 - Porridge Program

Aceline has started a porridge program to address hunger in patients. Where would patients get their food otherwise? Can you tell us about this need?

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Part 4 - 2021 Highlights

Jackson describes highlights from this year, including the arrival of the shipping container of supplies.

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Part 5 - Living through COVID-19

We asked Jackson and Aceline to share about their family's experience of having caught Covid-19 this past year and living through it.

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Part 6 - What's Next?

What do you hope for in this next year? What are your dreams? What are your needs?

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Part 7 - Message to Supporters

Is there anything else that you want to say, Jackson or Aceline?

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